• Key Concept
    Memory is important, 1st interest.
    For retention and recalled,whatever needs to remembered must be understood.
    Revision is important, so that impression developed in the minds and not faded away.
    Have faith and confidence in your memory and you’ll be successful.

    I have a person in my team, she seemed not certain with her memory power.
    After a few discussions, we gained a conclusion that the main causes to her case are :
    a. Lack of faith and Self confidence that she’ll remember things she should remember
    b. Lack of interest
    c. Unsystematic way of thinking

    I used one example of many techniques in sharpening memory power, The link method of memory.
    She did well, and the interesting part is that she did not believe that she actually did it 🙂
    She become more confidence, and most of all, she became more motivated.
    She even still remembers all the words, which are :
    – Meja
    – Kursi
    – Piring
    – Gelas
    – Cangkir
    – Sendok
    – Garpu
    – Papan tulis
    – Kotak pencil
    – Tas

    Sometimes we should let our giant within always awakening 🙂

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