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    The greatest lesson in life is to learn the power of love.

    Dapur Cinta or Love Kitchen is a regular social event of Gerakkan Indonesia, an independent social community, spreading love and positivity virus in Indonesia, using simple and fun program that inspire and also easily to copy and implement by others.

    Dapur Cinta is a social program in preparing, cooking and distributing healthy food to others in needs, in a happy, healthy, fun and joy environment (Join collaboration with Indonesian Chef Association).

    We believe that positive words, thoughts, emotions, songs, brainwave entrainments contribute positive impact to the foods that we prepared and at the end support the well-being of the receiver of the foods.

    For further information of this program, please visit our website: www.gerakkanindonesia.com , Twitter @_gerak or email at info@gerakkanindonesia.com

    Hereby are other informations related to Dapur Cinta program.
    KompasTV interview of this program ;

    Example of Fun, Joy and Happy atmosphere during this event (Dapur cinta 2012) :


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