• One of my best friend write her experience in her blog.

    She just resigned from her work as senior editor in one of major chained magazine, to fulfill her dream.
    She said that she just made a high risk decision to start a giant leap.
    But she was 100% sure with her decision
    She was 100% sure and trust with her self.
    Even though there’s a voice inside her head yelling, “Are you crazy??!! Gambling your stability and perfect future with something uncertain!”

    She kept continue and spelled her mantra :

    “Human’s hard work and mostly God’s will… then it shall be.”

    No more turning back.
    And don’t hold me back either.
    I’m moving fast forward.
    It shall be!

    Well, she’s doing great.
    She has confidence and most of all trust herself.
    Actually you did a great job Sis.
    I’m proud of you.

    “There are no such things as wrong decision.
    When it came from your heart it’s always a good decision.”

    Every decision we choose, it will give us value for our life at the end.

    Our life is relative, there are no reality.
    Reality only happens in our mind, our perception, our opinion, our point of view.
    When you think it’s real then it’s your reality.

    To know that we always make a good choice or right decision making.
    Just pick 1 of right choice and also pick 1 of wrong choice (according to our opinion) that we chose in the past.

    From right choice, gather 5 advantages and also 5 disadvantage results impacted by your decision.
    We also do the same from wrong decision.

    Then, we realize that everything’s balanced!
    But we have one thing that can make each of our decision is always right for us.

    It gives us new lesson each time we make a decision.
    It’s give us value for our life, make us better, stronger and wiser in facing the art of life.

    Well, once again, congratulation for making a right decision my friend.

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4 Comments to Don’t look back

  • I think we still need rear window
    For those we can see behind
    Without moving our head around
    So we’re not gonna miss what happen in front

    Through rear window
    we just see what we need to see

    Never look back
    Use your rear window

  • Hi Messenger,
    You’re right.
    We still need rear window, just to get “snapshot” of what happened behind without moving our head around.
    But don’t put too much focus and attention to rear window, it can distract our journey to move a head.
    Focus our energy (attention, intention, willing, action, motivation, etc) to gain our personal legends.

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