• Farmer plows the rice fields

    Farmer plows the rice fields

    I face a different Ramadhan this year. Beside daily fasting and prayers. I take this event to do more contemplation, more recognize my feeling and in-deep thought about my life journey.

    I become silent observer, learn to let it flow rather than analyze, learn to feel rather than think.

    I travel to Ubud to ease my mind, to find a lost feeling of Joy, that i used to have.

    I choose a small bungalow to live for these several days til Iedul Fitri, the day of victory. The day when we become pure and enlighten. The bungalow is surround by padi fields, with it’s green view beautifully capture Sound of birds chirping in the morning. The smells of fresh air. The sound of farmer giving command to his cows to plow the soil. The view of beautiful gardens and padi fields terraces, bougainvillea, palms, coconut tree, bamboo, hibiscus, frangipanis, dragonflies, birds, and butterflies. The sound of fishes and water flows from pools beside my room. The sound of cows that trespassing to the garden and eat some plants 🙂 This was truly a magical place.

    And at night, i was in a different place, with sounds of frog and insect from nearby padi fields. I also can hear the classic Balinese musical from nearest temple. Bugs, ants and mosquito in my room, it does not bother me like i used to feel. We seems live in harmony.  It’s all normal and natural. When we learn to feel the nature around us, feel the energy that vibes, we find peaceful self.

    These atmosphere makes me realize that every part of nature has it’s own rythm. Just be harmony with them.

    “Harmony and peace, love and joy surround me…

    I’m safe, peace and secure…

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