• Time moves so fast.
    Seems just like yesterday afternoon you come again to see me, into my life.
    Now, I’d like take this opportunity to thank you for each and every single moments that we had.

    You’ve had brightened my days and nights these past four weeks.
    You’ve made me aware and enlightened.
    You’ve thought me how to feel joy, love, ease and blessed with every single moment in my life.
    You’ve shown me the way to manage, appreciate and love my self.
    You’ve guided me to be pure, reborn, positive and become a better person.

    It’s now time to say “till we meet again”.

    May universe bless me, protect me with good health and give me more time & opportunity so I can see you again next year.

    Thank you my dear, I’ll be missing you come, Ramadhan.

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