• Universe is abundance.
    It’s full with unlimited probabilities.
    It’s full with unlimited list of dream catalogs.
    We can only be grateful and managing our energy (actions, thought and feeling) to fulfill our own destiny.

    The universe is outside.
    The universe is inside.
    The destiny is outside
    The destiny is inside

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  • The world is not ours.
    The world has it’s own rhythm.
    It has it’s own vibration.
    It has it’s own system
    It has it’s own life.
    It’s holographic scene of it’s vibration.

    There’s the other side of us that inline with earth and universe vibration, which are love and compassion.
    Imagine if we are full of love and compassion.
    We will make a better world.
    We heal the world
    We are the world

    The world is not ours, We are the world

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  • Today I have a chance to meet one of my telesales campaign team.

    The senior supervisor ask me to give them motivation sharing.

    Then I remember the “bee story”

    “According to aerodynamic theory,  It is  almost impossible for bees to fly.
    Bees seem violating the laws of aerodynamics when they fly.
    But fortunately Bees never learn about this theory, so they still can fly.”

    Bees don’t have any fears that someday they won’t find any flowers to collect nectar and pollen.

    They just believe and follow their instinct.

    Many people are already conquer by their fears and worries, and too afraid to believe in them self and follow their heart. Mostly people already put limitation in their mind, a mental block that imprisoned them from their true potential. (fibriandani)

    We need to learn more from Bees, for their teamwork, professionalism, positive, focus on results, determination, fearless and have no mental block 🙂

    Just like Henry Ford once said :
    “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right”.

    Everything is depend on your way of thinking

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