• There’s a friend of mine asking how to handle rumors/gossip? She felt annoyed with all the gossip/rumors about her life. “How come there are people who had such intentions to make us unhappy?” she asked me.

    Well, my answer is simple, “Why bother, just non reaction to gossip and flow with our life.”

    The gossip will remain as it is .. Why should you bother?

    If we react to gossip, then it makes you unhappy, sad, disappointing, or even angry.

    We will have those negative feeling, make us dis-ease 🙂

    And we become same level of consciousness with their level.

    Ooo come on,

    worry pretend to be necessary,  and it serve no advantages to our current situation.

    Just smile,  be at peace, non reaction, and continue facing the art of life.

    We live life to learn, grow, create and expand the universe.

    The gossip will remain as it is .. and once again Why should you bother?


    Don’t worry my friend, life supposed to be fun.


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