• On this day that blessed with happiness.
    I’m whispering Your Name Almighty, and say my prayer.
    For you Indonesia Raya…

    GOD, Almighty, The Most Merciful.
    Bless our nation.
    Bless our people.
    Bless our leaders.
    Bless us.
    Let us be healthy, be wealthy, full with prosperity and full with wisdom.
    Thank you…GOD.
    It is done.

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  • GOD,

    “I intend to have a happy day, effective working hours, good result of all the meetings, and most of all make me happy.”

    Thank you for all the blessing.

    (A happy traveler on earth)

    Notes :
    Rasulullah : Ask and it is given
    Jesus : Ye shall ask, Ye shall given
    Budha : As We think so We Become

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