• Balawan play a beautiful music

    Balawan play a beautiful music

    Just came back from Jogja to attend Mid Year Best Call Center Team. I took afternoon flight from Jogja to Jakarta, and find direct flight to Bali.

    I came at Denpasar at 20.00, and went to Ubud using airport cab.

    After put all my belonging at bungalow, I try to find my self a nice and descent dinner. I only had snacks in airport lounge to break my fasting.

    I went to nearby cafe, Opera. Well this is Friday night. Many people hang out to listen to live music or just grab some food for dinner. The cafe’s nice, it has warm atmosphere, nice music and good food.

    I saw around many people are dancing following the rhythm of the music, played by well-known musician, Balawan.

    I talked to my self, yea same situation, same atmosphere i used to found in Jakarta, Surabaya or Bandung.

    But when I saw some ladies in dance floor (mostly 50-60 years old), they’re dancing happily. so joyful. I bet they’re from abroad and came to Bali for Holiday. After several songs, they still dancing, enjoy the atmosphere. They really caught my eyes.  I closed my eyes and my body moved slowly, dancing in my seat, following the rhythm of the music. Suddenly I realized, the feeling of joyful, freedom, pure happiness came along. A glimpse of  happy feeling, a glance of pure sensation, I haven’t had this kind of feeling for so long. It came back to me. It’s joy! Then I could saw and listened more clearly when I continue to feel the rhythm, the energy, the sensation and the vibes in my heart.


    “I now discover how to listen and see with my heart.

    Just follow the rhythm, it will open my channels of joy…”

    Thank you Universe.

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