• After reading my previous article, One of my friend ask me :

    “what comes first, experienced happy moments then feeling thankful, grateful, blessed and rejoice.
    or feeling thankful, grateful, blessed and rejoice then experienced happy moments?”

    It work both way, because, those two approaches working in the same stream with “well being”. Working the “love” side (polarity).

    Both approach can gain happiness. As long as we are inline with the stream of well being, and not facing the path that against the stream of well being (Fear).

    Life is about choices and consequences right?
    What is the life of this world but play and amusement, right?

    Don’t take it too seriously 🙂

    And my friend have another question:

    “Isn’t it us that can create our own happiness?
    Or fate already choose it for us?”

    In my humble opinion, we can back to the basic. Life is about choices and consequences.

    We can choose :
    Just be happy, each and every day of our life, feeling grateful with all the blessing  we got and (it would be better for us to) ask for more happy events or happiness 🙂
    Ask and it is given.

    or you can ask fate to choose for you?

    It’s all our call, our choices.

    Be Happy, Life supposed to be Fun.

    But this is only my opinion.


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