• One of my belief is that every word that we declare (speak, write, self talked, sing) is sacred.

    Every word and every sentence we choose has its own vibration that impact to our universe.

    So sacred, and it become our prayer.

    Facebook’s status is one of my alternatives for stating my prayer.

    What I want to reach? I wanna be happy. I wanna be a happy person in this earth living experience. I wanna be a happy traveler on earth. A soul that wants to have happy experiences (as human being) on this journey. Some friends blessed me and give them nice prayers (thank you). One friend of mine asked how to become a happy person on earth. And one person asked me, “Are you sure?”


    I’d like to thank them because they make me re-contemplate to the prayer that I stated.


    Yes, I’m happy, because each day I find or create many beautiful events that make me happy.

    Each time I feel happy, I rejoice and feel blessed.


    What is ‘happiness’ that many people trying so hard to find?

    They are working very hard to reach ‘happiness’, and the more they are trying to find, the hardest state of happiness they achieved.

    What is ‘happiness’ then?

    Happiness is we aware of each happy moment that we experienced and we feel thankful, grateful, blessed and rejoice of.

    Happiness is cumulative state of all those happy moments/events that we had. That’s the secret of happiness that many people seem forget or do not realize about it.


    So let’s us find our happy event and feel blessed 🙂



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  • GOD,

    “I intend to have a happy day, effective working hours, good result of all the meetings, and most of all make me happy.”

    Thank you for all the blessing.

    (A happy traveler on earth)

    Notes :
    Rasulullah : Ask and it is given
    Jesus : Ye shall ask, Ye shall given
    Budha : As We think so We Become

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  • I miss my angel who teach me new hopes
    I miss my angel who erases all my doubts
    I miss my angel who guide me become a better man every day
    I miss my angel who calm me from my fears in every way

    May the angels watch over you in the night
    May the angels take care and hold you tight
    May the angels guard you through your days.
    May God be with you, my dear, always.


  • Today i have busy meeting agendas, many things to be concerned and many unscheduled events came up.

    I realize that these all events came because of my attractions.

    Well, I realize it now, I understand, It’s all about Me…

    Play down the drama Fib 🙂

    Intend to have a great day, find a better feeling, be happy, full of bless and be joyful.

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  • There’s a friend of mine asking how to handle rumors/gossip? She felt annoyed with all the gossip/rumors about her life. “How come there are people who had such intentions to make us unhappy?” she asked me.

    Well, my answer is simple, “Why bother, just non reaction to gossip and flow with our life.”

    The gossip will remain as it is .. Why should you bother?

    If we react to gossip, then it makes you unhappy, sad, disappointing, or even angry.

    We will have those negative feeling, make us dis-ease 🙂

    And we become same level of consciousness with their level.

    Ooo come on,

    worry pretend to be necessary,  and it serve no advantages to our current situation.

    Just smile,  be at peace, non reaction, and continue facing the art of life.

    We live life to learn, grow, create and expand the universe.

    The gossip will remain as it is .. and once again Why should you bother?


    Don’t worry my friend, life supposed to be fun.


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