• Sharpening Memory Power

    A. Memory
    How Memory recognized things?
    – Using five senses impression
    – last on mind
    – stored in brainhouse

    Memory using 5 sense, then there’re some steps in storing memory
    – Sensory Memory (picture)
    – Short term Memory
    – Longterm Memory

    Why we can forget thing we remembered before?
    – Less Motives
    – No Revival
    – Interference
    – Suppression (People faces problems, memory get scarred)

    Quality of memory ;
    – concentration (reading,thinking process)
    – observation (5W1H)
    – understanding (understand after observation, then stored memory)
    – revision
    – Faith confidence will (have faith believe we will remember)
    – system (system to organize
    . o oral,
    . o revision,
    . o association,
    . o photographic memory (e.g. Mind Map)
    . o Link system

    B. Exercise
    – Reading
    – Try to understand
    – 5W1H
    – Write main pointers
    – Visualize, using ridiculous association
    – Recalled immediately
    – Recalled after an hour
    – Recalled after a day, weeks, months.
    – Link method of memory

    C. Conclusion
    Memory is important, 1st interest.
    For retention and recalled,whatever needs to remembered must be understood.
    Revision is important, so that impression developed in the minds and not faded away.
    Have faith and confidence in your memory and you’ll be successful.

  • I Got Something Within Me
    Wiseman says life is a journey with so many paths.
    I say it’s interesting and complex, more than quantum physic, calculus and maths.
    So many times I feel pain, trapped in gloomy days.
    Fall down on my knees facing the toughest way.

    Other days, I feel lonely and gloom.
    Full of darkness, hidden and empty rooms.
    Feel tangled, so many puzzles and questions.
    There’s no comfort, only sad and confusions.

    Then there’s always one thing left to do.
    Whisper YOUR Name and come to YOU.
    I Got something within me which is so precious
    My Faith to YOU, The Most Merciful, The Most Gracious

    LORD, wish YOU release me from all the sorrow.
    Bless us always, lead us for a better tomorrow.
    Along with YOUR guidance, and receiving your love.
    From YOU, The Almighty of heavenly kingdom above.


    LORD, Creator of all that is, Thanks for all the blessing and for let me live in the present moment, joyous and free.
    I am calm.. I am at peace with divine timing.


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